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From the Mayor of Haldimand County (Grand River)
« on: April 05, 2020, 08:31:28 AM »
From the Mayor of Haldimand County (Grand River)

Statement from Mayor and Council……April 4 2020

If you would like to know the current numbers you can go to the following link and it will be updated every morning at 10am. Expect the numbers to continue to climb for the month of April. There is no guarantee but we are fighting for May and June and every little bit counts. While our combined efforts have made a significant difference in the numbers today we must continue to be diligent and ensure we are following the safest protocols to protect yourself, your family and your neighbourhood.


As of today, the following changes have been made from our Health Dept…….

The first order prohibits short-term rentals of hotels, motels, cottages, trailer parks and recreational vehicles. The second order closes all recreational facilities including trails and trail systems. Failure to comply with these restrictions will result in fines of up to $5,000 per day.

All public parks and trails are COMPLETELY closed, no exceptions. No one is to be walking their dog through any park, or hiking down any trail. I can assure you that enforcement has been given direction that excuses are no longer acceptable. “I did not know,” will not cut it. The city has closed their trails and we do not want people coming to ours because they are left open. You can make arguments for and against and at this point it does not matter, the Chief Medical Officer has issued the order and there is nothing to debate. This goes for biking, quads, anything that puts you on a public trail, you are breaking the order.

If you have the luxury to be on private property that is yours or you have permissible access you can walk, hike, bike etc within your own property.

We have closed the parks, parking lots in the parks and public boat ramps. Fishing is not prohibited but using any public access to fish is prohibited. Example there is no way you can fish at the dam in Caledonia without using public access so the answer is NO fishing at the dam. If you are at the dam you will be fined as per above. We do not want people coming from the city and increasing the potential of contamination. If you have access to the lake or river by way of private property, you can fish at this time. Hunting also at this time is left with the private property owner to determine whether he /she wants to assume the risk. All other protocols still apply with respect to gathering and numbers etc..

Day trippers within the order captures many things, point is you are now required to carry your ID as per provincial order and should you be asked by authorities for ID, you must be able to defend what is you’re doing. We continue to work towards keeping those from outside of the County out without putting up physical barriers.

As for the other order, we will be monitoring the parks and strictly enforcing the rules. We will not have anyone staying in rentals, parks or cottages, camping, etc. These will be shut down if they go beyond the exception of snowbirds NEEDING a place to stay. They will be asked for ID and if it is determined that they have other places to live they will be fined and asked to leave along with the park/cottage owner. It is not to be taken lightly, and there will be no forgiveness.

If you witness something that is in contravention to any of these new orders as set out it is your duty to protect your community and contact the following with names and/or license plates etc any information that would be helpful. You are not in the wrong and you are not to feel guilty. The guilty party is the one that is disrespecting you and everyone else and there is no patience left for those people.
1. OPP Hotline 1-888-310-1122
2. H-N Hotline 519-428-8019

Now for the good news, we are beating this and we are getting ahead of the curve, these painful steps that we are taking now will pay back in spades later. Don’t look at where we are at today but think ahead in Aug and remind yourself that every little bit of effort you made today is why you are enjoying that beautiful sunny August day.

These sacrifices are very little and when measured against a life of one of our family or fiends, it becomes an easy decision to make. That is what we are doing we are all fighting for our families, friends and for the lives we all have enjoyed and want to return to.

I can see the light at the other end, and this one day will be an experience you will be able to share with people and say remember when; you will be able to explain to your children, or grandchildren like our forefathers were able to tell us about the depression and other significant sacrifices required to give us all the freedoms and greatness that we enjoy today. It is our turn, it our duty and it is our fight together.

I want to take this time to highlight some extraordinary people in your community. Anson Place has been struck with the most severe of challenges and I want to say THANK YOU, on behalf of the county to all those PSW’s, RN, RPN,s and staff that have stepped up to fight in the middle of the storm, and while I do not want to take away from all other front line workers, as they deserve our praise as well, the staff of Anson Place today have all of our hearts and our prayers.

“We are the architects, designers, and construction workers of the life we want. Let’s begin sketching out the blueprint together.”

Stay safe…..

Lucky Strike

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Re: From the Mayor of Haldimand County (Grand River)
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2020, 06:25:12 AM »
Lots of places along the Grand fishing is still closed. Good year for the fish! not so good for the fishermen.